The Jubilee Marine Lake: a proposal to build on the Olympic legacy

Today, the former bathing pool at St Helier’s West Park lies derelict and abandoned. It’s a far cry from a splendid opening in 1897 and its dedication to Queen Victoria, then in the Diamond Jubilee year of her reign.

Now, in the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen’s reign, we have the opportunity create a lasting legacy for Jersey by restoring the Marine Lake. And what an appropriate year to embark on such a project.

In 2012 we watched spellbound as the London Olympic and Paralympic Games inspired the nation. As the games came to their spectacular end, there was a determination to build on the Olympic legacy, and keep its spirit alive. A Jubilee Marine Lake for Jersey will help achieve that aim.

Restoring the “Jubilee Marine Lake” at West Park will not only benefit the Island, but also create an important water sports learning facility for Jersey’s young sportsmen and women. And who knows, in some future Olympic Games, some of them may hold the nation enthralled once more.

Please browse this website to find out more about this exciting project and get in touch if you want to play a part.


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